About Us

FK Packages providing premium quality printing, and assiciated services to a vast profile clients. You can be confident that FK Packages is well-equipped to be able to provide you with a complete printing solution - with everything designed to help you meet your every need and expectation all under the one roof.

What we really do?

What’s more, You can be assured that FK Packages is committed to the constant improvement and development of our quality management system.

Our Vision

We also take great pride in keeping up-to date with innovations and advancements in technology so that our valued clients will always have access to the very best service possoble.

Our Quality

Our team of dedicated staff are available to provide you with personalized, attentive service to ensure your print job – big or small – is something you’ll be proud of.

Our Motto

Qaulity Printing Products.

Reliabel Services.

Accurate and Timely Estimates.

Your Project Delivered on Time, As Promised.

Personal Attention to Detail.

The heigh standard of control we maintain over production deadlines, security and qulity has helped us to build and ever-strengthening reputation as one of the foremost printers.

Our Specialties

Point of Sale Material ; Brouchures ; Leaflets ; Posters ; High Quality Clocks ; Annual Reports ; Newsletters ; Customers Information Booklets etc;

Letterheads ; Business Cards ; Presentation  Folders ;

Magazines ; Newsletters ; Books ; Catalogues etc ;

Medicine Box ; Biscuit Packing Box etc ;