CD Jacket

  • Printed on best quality 10Pt/12Pt card stocks
  • Ideal choice for CD storage, retailing and distribution
  • Full color printing at budget friendly rates with no compromise on quality
  • Shipment & handling free of charge for customers within the U.S
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Compact discs are among the most popular means of digital data storage in the modern world and in order to store them and to carry them, we need CD jackets or sleeves. Similarly to market software, music, videos etc copied on compact discs, we need them in a customized form with elegant designs and contents regarding the disc contained within. The CD jacket printing greatly helps us in this regard.

We are serving a huge amount of customers all over the world since nearly a couple of decades. We offer compact disc jackets printed in various designs and shapes as per your requirements. You can order 2 Panels, 4 Panels and 6 Panels custom CD sleeves according to the personalized business needs. They can be used for holding a single disc or multiple discs. So if you are willing to get yours printed then look no further.

At Printingblue, we also offer cardboard CD sleeve printing in various colors and sizes tailored to fit your business needs. Our expert and creative graphic designers are at your service 24/7 to create designs that can make your CDs jump off the racks on stores and instantly capture prospective customers’ attention. Our dedicated sales team is available round the clock to assist you with your printing needs.